Mending & Hand Sewing

Instructor: Carrie Besso

Class Description: Mending

Mending is one of the most satisfying activities a sewer can do. It also saves money. Bring things from your mending box. Carrie will show you how to fix them and return your items to use, keeping them out of landfill.

This class will be a combination of lecture, tips, demonstration and hands on practice.

You will learn how to:

  • Darn holes
  • Mend an L-tear and a straight tear
  • Close moth holes
  • French weave and in-weave
  • Repair button holes and the difference between a buttonhole stitch and a blanket stitch.
  • Much more as time permits

The Instructor will provide 3 sheet protectors with instructions and diagrams, a needle, thread, supplies and fabric for sewing in a soft binder. $5.00 kit fee.

Supply List: Basic Sewing Kit.