Instructor: Rachel Myers

Class Description: Do you ever wish you had a way to make some quick money? Performing alterations is a way to do that.

Alterations will allow you to take clothes that no longer fit, or buy clothes that don't fit, exactly, at a thrift or consignment shop, bring them home and adjust them so they fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

This is not a pattern alteration class. Bring a garment that you want to alter. Rachel will fit it on you and share tips on how to make the alteration.

In addition to a personal fitting you will learn about fitting issues, such as shortening a sleeve and making pants fit better. She will demonstrate common fitting issues and how to correct them.

You will receive a list of books on alterations for your reference library.

If time permits Rachel will answer questions on how to alter wedding dresses and other formal apparel.

Supply List: A blouse or pant you want fitted.